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Water Evaporator Mine Fans – 99.5% noise reduction

Axial mine water spray fan noise attenuation

Proposed £100k conventional attenuators for 10 axial mine water evaporation fans in Australia would have had zero effect! A few emails and <£20k gave 23dB noise reduction and improved efficiency.

The mining company had a series of 10 large axial fans that are used to evaporate water pumped from underground. However, these had caused complaints over a very wide area. The quote for £100k of mufflers would have provided zero attenuation as they would be fitted only to outlets (half the noise is from the intakes) and they have virtually no attenuation at the dominant 200Hz tone. Our emailed details for aerodynamic modifications reduced the tonal content by 23dB at a cost of <£2k/fan. Fan efficiency was also improved…