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Accessing the noise control best practice database: BOHS 2020

Most organisations can reduce the risk of Noise induced Hearing Loss in many areas by 50% - 90% at very little (or no) cost (or even at a profit) by making use of the best available engineering noise control measures - e.g. cutting noise from 97dB(A) down to 94dB(A) halves the risk and PPE works better. The question is: “How do you find the optimum noise control options?”

The INVC has developed a comprehensive database of engineering noise control best practice case studies that is freely accessible from anywhere by anyone. These techniques reduce typical project costs by 50% - 90% and can even be self-financing.

Safety professionals without engineering expertise who encounter noise problems or have quotes for conventional high-cost noise control measures (enclosures etc) can search the database directly online for options. Alternatively, they can email smartphone data (video clip and photos) acquired on site for a free cost/benefit analysis of the options based on the best of current technology.

The presentation uses multimedia case studies to illustrate how most sites can use this approach to reduce hearing damage risk dramatically at little (or no) cost. It also provides details and examples of the smartphone and other simple information required to get the most from this free noise control resource.