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Paint Plant Filter Extract Fan Noise Reduction – quiet painting

Paint shop extract fan noise attenuation

A pair of classic industrial extract fan filter systems used on an MDF paint plant generated a very irritating low frequency drone that was the subject of complaints both from operators inside the workshops and from local residents. At these low frequencies, conventional silencers would not only have been ineffective, but would have quickly clogged.

Moreover, as the pair of fans were not quite synchronised, the sound also had a distinctive “beat” which made it even more annoying. As the fan noise was at a low frequency of 146Hz, conventional silencers would have been very large, very expensive, would have required relocation of the plant and supplementation with lagging and enclosures (and regular cleaning). We bypassed all these issues by reducing the noise at source (QFt), eliminating the fan tones (13dB reduction) and the “beat ” with no down-time outside normal maintenance requirements. This approach has a broad application for paint plant fans and other dust extract filtration systems as a more effective alternative to a silencer…