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Cooling Tower Noise Control – 2nd opinion reduces cost from £31k to £3k

Cooling tower noise reduction - gearbox

Complaints triggered by highly tonal noise from this cooling tower led to a £31k quote from the supplier to replace the whole fan unit on the recommendation of their noise consultant. The EHO suggested they contact us for a 2nd opinion and analysis of the emailed video showed that the problem was the tooth meshing frequency of the gearbox pinion. The gearbox was replaced for £3k. The whole process from 1st phone call to the provision of a detailed proposed solution took less than 1 day…

This is yet another example of the very poor diagnostic and engineering knowledge of typical noise consultants. Far too often, decisions about noise control measures are made based on assumptions about noise sources rather than on accurate and precise diagnosis. This case study illustrates the power of simple, accurate diagnosis to remove all guesswork in solving noise problems quickly and at very low cost.