Industrial Noise & Vibration Centre

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Peter Wilson

Technical Director

An incredibly experienced engineer and founder of INVC with a rare talent for developing innovative engineering solutions to problems across many industries. He is also known as a very effective communicator, having developed the IOSH noise and HAVS competency (and many other) courses.

Peter is much in demand at conferences worldwide as an entertaining (and sometimes controversial) speaker. This is perhaps associated with his performing stand-up comedy as an occasional hobby...

Steve Wray

Managing Director

A specialist in environmental noise, Steve has been with INVC since 2002. He is also a tutor on the IOSH noise and vibration training courses.

When he is not exploring mountains (both over and under them), he likes to enter stupidly long running races.

Mat Folzan

Technical Manager

Ex Dyson and Bentley Motors, Mat is an extremely experienced engineer with a wealth of expertise in innovative noise and vibration control at source over 20 years. This includes managing major noise control projects across the planet.

In his spare time, Mat is quite the musician, regularly gigging with his band of fellow artists...

Steve Ellis

Senior Consultant Engineer

With over 40 years experience in the field of acoustics, Steve has extensive experience in environmental noise and vibration, and has worked in consultancy for over 30 years. He has been involved with the noise and vibration assessments of many large civil engineering projects, has experience of noise and vibration assessments on board large cruise liners, and has given evidence at public inquiries and planning appeals.

Steve is also an experienced hill walker and climber and has sailed across a large pond.

Russell Tipping

Senior Consultant Engineer

Russell joined INVC in 2017 having previously worked as a noise and vibration engineer for a large multidisciplinary engineering contractor. Russell specialises in a broad range of industrial noise audits, assessments and control projects as well as having detailed experience within the oil and gas industry.

Outside of work Russell is a keen homebrewer and has even won several awards for his apple wine.

Mat Richards

Senior Consultant Engineer

Mat joined INVC in 2017 following completion of his MSc in Applied Acoustics. He has previous experience working as a sound engineer in both live and studio environments and as a hardware technician on broadcast trucks. Mat gets involved in a wide range of noise and vibration projects for INVC.

Mat plays in a band, but mostly to an audience of one in his house, which is rapidly filling up with amplifiers and speakers.

Andrew Collard

Senior Consultant Engineer

Andrew is a mechanical engineer with over 12 years of experience in acoustic consulting and mechanical design before joining INVC in 2018. Andrew's acoustic and mechanical design experience are brought together at INVC, providing smart design solutions to noise and vibration projects.

Rianna Spencer

Consultant Engineer

Rianna is one of our newest recruits, with an MSc in Applied Acoustics and over 4 years experience working as an acoustic consultant. She has worked on a range of projects across the UK, focusing on environmental noise, but she also has experience with building acoustics and occupational noise and vibration.

Sam Holland

Graduate Engineer

Sam is also a new recruit, having just completed his MEng in Acoustical Engineering at Southampton University. He has significant experience of design and simulation using engineering software, including COMSOL, CATT Acoustics, SOLIDWORKS, python MATLAB, Arduino, Klippel and Fusion.

Sam is a dedicated Rugby player, and also enjoys hiking, skateboarding, weightlifting and rock climbing. He also plays the drums.

Dianne Prior

Office Manager

Dianne manages the office administration for INVC including the bookings for all of the courses. She has previously worked as a team leader, senior customer service administrator and executive assistant for a number of high profile companies. Dianne joined INVC in 2013.

Dianne is a creative artist, and her work is regularly displayed at prestigious art galleries in Slough and Windsor.