Industrial Noise & Vibration Centre

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Product Noise Measurement and Testing

Product noise specification and technical file measurements

Provision of noise measurements to provide data for technical notes (e.g. CE marking), standards and contractual specifications ("Buy Quiet" or "Buy Smooth" purchasing policy criteria). This includes both sound pressure level and sound power measurement.

We also carry out product vibration testing both for tool development and for assessing hand-arm vibration values.

The service can be extended to include noise and vibration reduction advice where appropriate.

On site noise measurements and analysis include:-

  • Industrial machine and plant specifications
  • Buy quiet noise criteria
  • Sound power measurements – BS EN ISO 3744, BS EN ISO 3746
  • Hand tool vibration (HAVS)
  • Consumer white goods
  • Communications and headsets
  • Electronic equipment

Sound Power Testing on Site

This includes tests to BS EN ISO 3744 (survey or engineering) and to BS EN ISO 3746. In addition to the standard measurements, however, we can also provide detailed advice on innovative best practice to reduce noise levels using low cost engineering control methods.

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