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HAVS Training Courses

HAVS training courses - online workshops to full competency

The INVC is the UK's major provider of hand-arm-vibration (HAVS) competency training courses and is also the IOSH-approved organisation for the topic (the same for noise). We developed and run the public courses for IOSH and for other organisations. We have also produced a wide range of bespoke in-house and online courses for major companies worldwide.

HAVS training course quality is assured by our reputation for innovation at the cutting edge of practical risk management.

We also develop and run training workshops in conjunction with the HSE.

Online HAVS training workshops

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Most of our HAVS training courses are available as online workshops, making best practice in hand-arm vibration knowledge available to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Rather than an academic approach, our HAVS courses are presented by experienced engineers with a wealth of practical knowledge. This ensures that delegates gain useful expertise they can immediately put to use - backed up by our continuing technical support as required.

“It made a refreshing change to speak to someone who clearly understands, and knows how best to practically address, the problems most local authorities are currently faced with when managing exposure to HAV.” Derek Smith: Sheffield CC
Made me think about HAVS in a different way. Martin Smith Group HSE Director, GKN

IOSH Approved HAVS Courses

We run the public HAVS competency course regularly at several locations. You can book online via the More Information buttons below.

Note: the HAVS training can also be provided in-house at your site. Bespoke, industry-specific and online courses are also available that have been customised to suit particular industries or requirements. Contact us if you'd like to discuss these options.

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2 Day IOSH Hand-Arm Vibration Risk Assessment & Management Course

HAVS training courses

Designed for Health and Safely professionals and others responsible for developing and managing effective hand-arm vibration risk control programmes re the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. It includes (surprising) optimised approaches based on the latest HSE guidance that can improve risk management whilst dramatically reducing costs.

HAVS Master Class

We run this acclaimed and myth-busting 0.5 day - 1 day HAVS course in-house or online to order.

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1 Day Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) Master Class

HAVS training courses demonstrate best practice

New HSE guidance should have triggered extensive changes in the way companies manage HAV risks. This HAVS training workshop provides details of both the practical implications and the limitations of "new" vibration monitoring systems and brings you up to date with the changes in risk reduction best practice that should be implemented to comply.

HAVS Management Briefing

This is short (usually online) bespoke (and revelatory) HAVS best practice update for management (and supervisors). It usually has a substantial impact on company policy...

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HAVS Management Briefing - 1 hour to 1 day

minimum cost HAVS risk control

The topic of HAVS risk management is beset by myths and misinformation about what constitutes best practice - some of which is simply disingenuous. This short HAVS training course provides managers with an opportunity to review their risk management programme against current best practice to determine which elements should be updated.

HAVS Toolbox Talks

HAVS toolbox talks tend to be - incredibly worthy and anodyne. We decided not to go down that route as it has little effect on the behaviour of tool users.

We have developed a short toolbox talk designed to have a serious impact on viewer attitude to help change behaviour to cut HAVS risk.

This video is a short clip from the toolbox talk.

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HAVS Toolbox Talks

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As the risk of HAVS is very dependent on operator behaviour, it is exremely important that the information about personal risk and the behavioural changes that can reduce the risks is both accurate and impactful. This HAVS toolbox talk is both. It uses graphic illustrations (with audience participation - even online) to provide a serious incentive to optimise behaviour.

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