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Philip Roberts - HM Specialist Inspector

“And many thanks for an excellent, well delivered presentation. The audience, myself included, were impressed with the technology available to reduce noise levels so significantly – and especially how much money it saved!!! Thanks again.” Philip Roberts, HM Specialist Inspector

Matthew Thomas, Senior Global Industrial Hygienist - AstraZeneca

“BOHS 2017: Just a quick note to thank you for the session that you ran at the conference and to express how interesting and thought provoking it was. If you don’t mind, please can you forward over the presentation slides and also keep me in the loop with the app when it is ready?” Matthew Thomas, Senior Global Industrial Hygienist, AstraZeneca

Mick Schilling - Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company

“Just as a ‘thank you’ – we reduced our daily exposures for grinders/sanders from around 5m/sec^2 down to below 2m/sec^2 by improving the tools…”. Mick Schilling: Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company

Derek Smith - Sheffield City Council

“It made a refreshing change to speak to someone who clearly understands, and knows how best to practically address, the problems most local authorities are currently faced with when managing exposure to HAV.” Derek Smith: Sheffield CC

Noise Assessment Testimonials

“…exactly the way assessments should be presented… loved the way the technical details are separated from the practical recommendations… the Action Plan section is ideal… particularly impressed by the low costs associated with the noise control options to actually solve some of the problems…”

Chris Burns, Senior Project Manager - Capital and Counties

INVC are very good at making a complex subject intelligible to the lay man and are excellent at providing the construction industry client with an extremely good translation device for providing Environmental Health Officers with all the information that they need on projects. INVC are also very good at problem solving on complex projects and have more than saved their fees on astute forward thinking and design solutions that have made our very large and complex project better for them being onboard. In essence, we are delighted with INVC performance. Chris Burns, Senior Project Manager, Capital and Counties

David Watts, Senior Technical Officer - Bassetlaw DC

The personal service provided by INVC has been invaluable in resolving noise complaints for the Council which without the additional analysis the complaints could easily have cost extra time and money to the Council whilst the complainants would have still been suffering the noise. The companies previously causing the noise nuisance are post remedial works still operating but now not causing a nuisance. INVC Noise consultants provide an excellent service for Local Authorities investigating complaints of noise nuisance, if in doubt then simply give them a ring for what services they provide. David Watts, Senior Technical Officer, Bassetlaw DC.

Geoff Leventhal - Chairman: Low Frequency Noise Conference

It’s good to see someone actually reducing low frequency noise rather than just measuring it… Geoff Leventhal: Chairman: LF Noise Conference (referring to one of our case studies presented by Jon Toft of the Environment Agency)

John Sibson: Senior Services Officer - Wandsworth BC

Fan noise control: CIEH. "Superb presentation and use of video and sound – excellent style of presentation, knowledgeable and humourous…” Gary Vickers: Env. Health enforcement officer. LB Waltham Forest. “Lecturer extremely passionate and knowledgeable, also kept it light hearted and interesting.” Tony Hunte: Wandsworth BC. “Great course, very knowledgeable and makes the material real and understandable.” John Sibson: Senior Services Officer, Wandsworth BC

Dave Clipperton, Technician Supervisor - Newcastle University

“Just a quick note to let you know our installation is complete and the noise levels in the room, with all 5 machines operating, have dropped from around 115dB to around 83dB. The reverberation has also significantly decreased so overall this has been a really successful exercise. Please pass on our thanks to your team from us.” Dave Clipperton, Technician Supervisor, Newcastle University

Bill Williams - QHSE manager Ambirad

“My only regret is that we didn’t call you in 6 months ago as we wouldn’t have been poking around in the dark for so long.” Bill Williams: QHSE manager Ambirad

Mitchell Yu - Enterra Feed

“We are exceptionally happy with the overall results that were obtained, from a noise reduction, cost, and time stand point. INVC was very professional and prompt on all deliverables. Out of all solutions attempted this was by far the best and cost effective. The whole process was very smooth from first contact to installation. The added security of your Policy Guarantee helped in making our decision to go with INVC, and we’re glad we did, thanks Peter.” Mitchell Yu, Enterra Feed

Project manager at Airedale

“.. is the unit actually running?! That’s an amazing result over such a short timescale” Project manager at Airedale

Alan Fillingham: Director - Palgrove

“The fan was so quiet afterwards that we thought the plant was down… I’m recommending this as the standard approach we should use across the group.” Alan Fillingham, Palgrove

Terry Brice - Red Bull Technology

“We felt that there had to be a better way to reduce the fan noise other than by compromising the system efficiency and creating additional long term maintenance” said Terry Brice of Red Bull Technology. “The INVC technique not only produced a fantastic result, but it’s also very satisfying as an elegant engineering solution”.