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Hi-Fi Choice magazine

" .. switch to the acoustic steel plates and the sound is even better, with a deeper, quicker bass and a more open mid-band. There’s definitely a neutralising effect with the acoustic steel that zaps a lot of colouration, giving a far more neutral sound … Top value upgrade .. 5 stars.” Hi-Fi Choice magazine

Ian Kirkham - PQ Corp

“INVC quiet fan technology design retro-fitted on existing noisy fans, a very good service that solved the problem, stayed solved and had a slight improvement in fan efficiency – would recommend them and use them on other projects”. Ian Kirkham, PQ Corp

Jim Granger, Senior Engineer - Schiller Power Station

“…the 3m wide ID combustion fan created a far-field noise that could be heard across the river…after installation (a process that took only 12 hours), we recorded a 10dB drop in noise, which is huge…recorded a reduction in the power used by the ID fan, after the QFt had been installed.” – Jim Granger, Senior Engineer, Schiller

Grahame Wallace - Tata Steel

“INVC’s modifications have brought about a huge reduction in fan noise …. They’ve also saved us a large amount of money by negating the requirement for major capital expenditure, so it’s been a remarkably successful project.” – Grahame Wallace, Tata Steel

1 Day IOSH Noise Management Best Practice Workshops

Content exceeded my expectations for the day, very professional, excellent approach… pitched exactly right – no suggestions for improvement… course delivery was spot on. nice to have a trainer who is competent in his field and knows what he is talking about…

Philip Cummings Principal Pollution Inspector - N Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA)

Excellent, very interesting couple of days, time flew by… Philip Cummings Principal Pollution Inspector, NIEA

Natalie Waddell - Eaton Controls - joint HSE noise control workshop

Well presented and made fun. Thank you. It’s given me lots of ideas to take back to site. Natalie Waddell: Eaton Controls

Bob Records - Balfour Beatty

Very well presented, extremely knowledgeable with ideas that can be transferred to the construction sector: Bob Records; Balfour Beatty

Keith Miller, pollution control officer - Durham CC

A whole wealth of knowledge demonstrated and conveyed in an energetic, brilliant presenting style! I only wish I had attended a workshop like this earlier in my career! Keith Miller, pollution control officer, Durham CC

Karl Sheldon, Senior technical officer - Leeds City Council

Explained noise data in good detail as well as causes and fixes. Brillliant honest info on octave bands and BS4142. Karl Sheldon, Senior technical officer, Leeds CC

Martin Smith Group HSE Director - GKN

Made me think about HAVS in a different way. Martin Smith Group HSE Director

Mark Cardwell, Health And Safety Advisor - Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service

Thanks again for the workshop last week. One of the most inspirational workshops I've ever done. Had loads of new ideas on tackling noise issues within the fire service and in doing so could save us a few thousand. It changed my approach to tackling noise issues completely. Mark Cardwell, Health And Safety Advisor at Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service

Jonathan Neale, Industrial monitoring and noise specialist - Environment Agency

Presentation quality cannot be beaten - excellent. I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for the excellent two days you gave us last week. I’ve received numerous verbal and e-mail feedback, all of which said they greatly benefited from and enjoyed the presentations.

Stewart McLellan - Cardinal Environmental Consulting Services Ltd - Canada

4 large tonal centrifugal fans were causing problems with neighbours. We investigated several options including roof top barriers, enclosures and silencer units all of which came with significant capital costs and associated maintenance issues. While researching abatement options we came across the INVC website and after discussing our problem with Peter Wilson we opted to give the QFT approach a try.

... tonal components in the blade pass frequency which meant we had to add a 5 dB penalty to each source. The first unit we completed with QFT saw an overall sound reduction of 10 dB and an elimination of the tonal component. We then applied QFT to three additional sources. An important part of this is that we have had to conduct zero maintenance on the inserts and they have continued to operate as designed. Also, after installation of the inserts, we saw a reduction in the operating static pressure of the fans. While we never pursued that, there are potential operating savings on the fans using the inserts.

Peter Wilson and his staff were great to work with and babysat us through the process of installation including being on call over the Christmas Holidays to provide assistance and advice during the first installation we completed. I would not hesitate to recommend INVC to you to help you address your noise issues.

Sean O’Sullivan, H&S Manager - Harris Ireland

“…made noise measurement & calculations easy and both theoretical and practical sessions were superb… the best course I’ve ever been on.” Sean O’Sullivan : H&S Manager, Harris Ireland