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Tips to Fix your Fan Noise Problem

What are the fan noise control options - examples of best practice in action

How to solve your fan noise problem

Fan silencing can be very expensive, not just the capital cost, but also the cost of the downtime required to fit and the running cost increases if the attenuation reduces efficiency. In addition, most conventional silencing projects assume that the broadband dB(A) is the only criterion, whereas the cause of the noise issue may well include tonal noise (hums etc). As a result, the recommended attenuation often does not solve the problem (95% of noise reports are inadequate).

Where both characteristics are issues, removing tones using modern aero-technology means that very much smaller (and cheaper) silencers can be used, or alternatively, existing system ductwork can be made acoustically effective retrospectively.

Optimum solutions for any fan noise issue

This approach not only cuts typical fan noise control project costs by 50% - 80%, but it also guarantees that the problem will be solved as cost-effectively as possible. The guide presents a selection of case studies that provide examples of the best approach and the techniques that can be used to solve all types of fan noise problems.

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The Best Ways to Solve Your Fan Noise Problem