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In-Ear Noise Assessment Instrumentation


Posted on: June 30, 2010

We have invested in the latest in-ear microphone technology to simplify noise assessments on personnel who wear helmets or other protective equipment that makes conventional noise assessment difficult. It can also be used to assess noise levels inside PPE to evaluate operator exposure against the Exposure Limit Value (ELV) of 87dB(A).

Previously, we had used the standard instrumented head for these tests – which has its drawbacks, for example when measuring the exposure of a motorbike rider at high speed… The new microphone systems fit inside helmets or muffs and records the sound entering each ear, so noise measurements can be taken on real staff under real working conditions quickly and safely.

This allows us to speed-up the process, reducing the cost of the noise assessments . Typical applications include pilots, motorcyclists, air-flow helmet wearers, fire-fighters and any other personnel who wear helmets or other types of equipment where conventional sound level meter measurement is impossible or where noise levels are potentially high enough to cause the regulatory ELV to be exceeded.