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Environmental Impact Award for INVC


Posted on: May 31, 2016

INVC recognised at the UK Energy Innovation Awards

This annual event is organised by the Energy Innovation Centre to celebrate the most successful innovations arising from collaborations between SMEs and the energy networks. In our case, we were awarded the “Environmental Impact Award” for our work in collaboration with Echo Barrier to develop innovative new ways to minimise the noise impact of gas pipe replacement work in built-up areas.street work noise screens


High levels of noise from the equipment used (breakers, saws etc) to dig holes and trenches in roads is a perennial problem, both to pedestrians and to local residents who often overlook the work. There are also the practical problems associated with working in confined areas (increased noise due to multiple sound reflections) with mobile plant that has to be moved quickly and easily with a minimum of staff.


The solution was to develop custom versions of the acoustic tent (with wheels) plus additional mobile acoustic screens gas street works screens webmaking use of the advanced Echo Barrier technology. This means that high noise attenuation can be achieved using low weight components (including a patented waterproof acoustic absorbent layer) which aids with the high degree of mobility and practicality required for this type of project. The typical noise reductions from the INVC designed system are 13dB – 18dB in very confined built-up areas, rising to around 20dB – 25dB when used in the open.

The award is recognition, of our ability to blend practical experience (in this case in construction, demolition and infrastructure noise projects) with innovative engineering to generate new best practice in noise control.

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