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Noise recording and analysis workshop

smartphone data for remote noise control

Posted on: Sept. 13, 2016

This is one of a number of highly rated, interactive and practical noise related workshops developed for Environmental Health Officers. They are held locally by a host authority, saving on travel, time – and at a fraction of the cost of conventional training. It can even be a profitable exercise…

Noise Workshop Content and Objectives

Make the best use of your equipment and speed-up the processing of recordings

The ability to record sound files is increasingly common – noise nuisance recorders, sound level meters or smartphones. This workshop covers the practical techniques that make recording and subsequent analysis much faster and more efficient, including procedures for accurate and reliable calibrated recording using complainant operated noise nuisance or any other type of recorder. It also covers subjective and objective analysis of recordings (particularly on PCs) and the use of frequency analysis related both to BS4142 and to noise source diagnosis.

The workshop is an opportunity to acquire practical techniques, short cuts and “tricks-of-the-trade” that reduce dramatically the time required to solve intractable noise problems. The workshop carries 2 CPD points and includes:-

  • Noise Recording Best Practice: sound level meters and noise nuisance recorders – complainant issues – £100 on the web converts any old SLM into a sound recording meter, or use a smartphone…
  • Best Practice in Processing Recordings: techniques that speed-up both subjective and objective analysis, from ears to PCs
  • Interpretation and Source Diagnosis: is it a fan – or a pump? Does it exist? Low frequency issues…
  • Remote Control of Noise: free evaluation of what constitutes BPM with costs typically 80% lower than conventional mitigation
  • Free audio playback analysis software

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