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Edgware Road Station – nighttime track maintenance noise

Edgware road station noise complaint reduction

From regular noise complaints to less than zero complaints…

As the station is overlooked by apartments, nighttime noise from underground track maintenance activities had given rise to regular complaints from local residents. The contractor, Balfour Beatty, decided to be proactive by asking us to introduce our new Acoustic Camouflage technology.

This solution involved relocating welfare facilities to take advantage of existing site screening features coupled with temporary acoustic barriers – not just for the facilities, but also for the vehicles and workforce at the station entrance. Then a pair of Acoustic Camouflage systems were installed at the station entrance and near the welfare area to dispense non-directional, shaped signature background noise. Despite raising the background noise by 8dB(A) at key locations, it was subjectively inaudible on the other side of the street. As a result, these systems were very successful at camouflaging the key annoying elements in the noise from the site activities.

The end result was not just to reduce the number of complaints to zero, but congratulatory emails were received from previous complainants complimenting the company on the effectiveness of their noise management...