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Plant Noise Information – the lack of frequency data from suppliers…

Fan tonal noise waterfall analysis

The most compromising and common issue we encounter is that plant noise data (fans in particular) never includes frequency signatures. Octave bands: yes. Narrow band (that defines if there is a tone): no. If there is a tone, in the UK it attracts a 6dB penalty – which only puts your predictions out by a factor of x4! Consequently, if you want to play safe, you over-engineer mitigation which adds a massive cost overhead. This is unacceptable. We try to get round this by asking for a smartphone recording from an installation anywhere in the world so we can design the optimum noise control measures.

This is a ridiculous state of affairs considering that you can do an accurate narrow band tonal analysis with a smartphone app for free. Noise consultants are also to blame as only a very small proportion of them carry out tonal analyses.