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Power Station Gas Facility – high damping noise reduction

Gas pipeline acoustic lagging noise control

Noise levels from a power station were uncomfortably close to their environmental noise planning conditions. Detailed diagnosis proved that the dominant contribution was high-frequency noise (>500Hz) radiated by the Gas Reception Facility. Vibration measurements narrowed-down the source to the reducer, expander and associated valve section of the facility.

Sound Damped Steel was brought in to fabricate our innovative, high-performance acoustic lagging. This has an outer skin constructed from highly damped laminated steel, making it very tolerant of installation practicalities. Moreover, options are available that eliminate the corrosion problems inherent in conventional lagging designs. The diagnostic process illustrates how costs can be kept to an absolute minimum by precisely ranking noise contributions from different components, even amidst complex arrays of pipework, valves and other sources. The effect of the treatment was to reduce the noise from this source by 16 -19dB(A), eliminating it as a contributor off-site. Occupational noise levels in the area were also reduced by an average of 8dB(A). More information is available on the Sound Damped Steel installer website here.