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Tunnel Boring – low frequency noise and vibration control

tunnel boring vibratory sieve noise reduction

Local residents were complaining about low frequency noise and vibration from a large tunnel operation which also exceeded the overall planning consent noise levels. The low frequency noise and vibration was generated by the spoil processing vibratory sieves and the previously proposed remedial measures included a deep ditch and a very large barrier. Neither of these would have been effective...

Our detailed diagnosis showed that the main problem was caused by excitation of some of the steel building wall and roof panels that then radiated the vibration very efficiently as noise. The panels we had identified as a problem were de-tuned quickly and cheaply by introducing stiffening ribs. This reduced the 15Hz noise radiation by 8dB which was sufficient to prevent further complaints.

We have also generated a comprehensive technical note on all aspects of vibratory feeder, hopper, conveyor and grader noise...