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Steelworks Industrial Fan Noise Reduction – £1,000,000 cost savings

Tata steel gas fan stack noise attenuation

3 off, very large, 4-megawatt steelworks fans had been the cause of environmental noise issues for years. The problem was solved within months at a tiny fraction of the cost of attenuators by implementing our Quiet Fan technology aerodynamic fan noise reduction techniques. Fan power consumption was also reduced, making this a self-financing project.

A second opinion saves a £million…

The fans generated a low-frequency hum (c162Hz) over a wide area. As the fan speeds varied, sophisticated resonator silencers were ruled-out and conventional attenuators would have imposed a heavy penalty in terms of cost and reduced fan efficiency. Tata approached us for a second opinion as to potential alternatives. Our solution was to develop novel fan casing modifications, avoiding the need to modify either the existing ductwork or the stacks to fit silencers - thereby minimising downtime. These modifications have eliminated the noise at source for the lifetime of the fans. Significantly, the new fan modifications require no maintenance and do not affect the efficiency of the fan. Moreover, the willingness of Tata to invest in new and innovative technology has reaped very substantial rewards compared with conventional silencing:-

  • 94% reduction in noise (12dB)
  • capital cost savings of over £800,000
  • substantial environmental benefits (carbon emissions)
  • c £200,000 saved each year on running costs (power and carbon)