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Dust control fan noise reduction technology increases efficiency

Dust control fan noise can be both an occupational noise hazard and the cause of environmental noise complaints. The fan manufacturer approached us to see if our aerodynamic fan noise control technology could offer a more elegant engineering solution to reduce fan noise rather than resorting to crude and costly mufflers.

dust control fan noise reduction with enhanced efficiency

We designed fan modifications that combined the results of CFD computer modelling and aerodynamic fan noise attenuation technology. These not only dramatically reduced the fan noise, but also provided a substantial boost to the performance and efficiency (as shown here) - all at a zero implementation cost. Contrast this result with the reduced efficiency and increased costs associated with conventional silencing. As the aerodynamic features are designed-in, there are also no maintenance or additional manufacturing costs compared with standard fans.

The new high-performance fan represents a major advance in the dust control fan system technology, combining low noise with very high performance and increased efficiency.

Dust control fan noise reduction and efficiency gains - the figures

dust control fan noise attenuation analysis

The key performance figures for the fan modifications are:-

  • Tonal noise reduction: 98% (17dB)
  • Noise reduction at 10’: 75% (6dB(A) down to 81dB(A))
  • Power consumption: 6.6% reduction
  • Pressure head: 16% increase
  • Airflow: 7.8% increase
  • Air velocity at 40’: 17.3% increase

This noise analysis plot shows both the overall dB(A) noise reduction and the dramatic cut in the annoying blade pass frequency tone (hum) generated by the fan.

Noise reduction tech that generates a substantial commercial benefit

Whilst this project began as a noise attenuation exercise to satisfy customer requests for quieter units, the result of applying our innovative expertise in fan noise control was the quietest and most efficient dust control fan available - at no additional manufacturing cost.

Profitable noise control is no longer an oxymoron...

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