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Quiet fan aerodynamic technology - client comments and examples

AGS fan aerodynamic noise control

It's not magic, just very elegant engineering...

Q: I have discussed INVC’s quiet fan technology with Peter and it sounds like the solution I have been looking for. However, it would be very useful if you could give me some independent feedback to verify this – does the technology work as designed or does it need to be modified post-installation? Is it effective? Does it continue to be effective longterm? How long does a typical installation take?

A: Hello Paddy.

Change the location and you have the same situation we were in at a large Industrial site in Oshawa,  Ontario Canada. The facility greatly exceeded our applicable noise limits.  I have attached an image of the facility that gives you a feel for what we faced. 

We investigated several options including rooftop barriers, enclosures and silencer units all of which came with significant capital costs and associated maintenance issues. While researching abatement options we came across the INVC website and after discussing our problem with Peter Wilson we opted to give the QFT approach a try. One of our issues was that most of the major noise sources had tonal components in the blade pass frequency which meant we had to add a 5 dB penalty to each source.

AGS fan noise reduction

The first unit we completed with QFT saw an overall sound reduction of 10 dB and an elimination of the tonal component. We then applied QFT to three additional sources.  The overall noise reduction was not as significant as the first unit but we did see noise reductions in the 3 to 5 dB range and the elimination of the tonal frequency in all units.

An important part of this is that we have had to conduct zero maintenance on the inserts and they have continued to operate as designed.  Also, after installation of the inserts, we saw a reduction in the operating static pressure of the fans.  While we never pursued that, there is potentially operating savings on the fans using the inserts.

Peter Wilson and his staff were great to work with and babysat us through the process of installation including being on call over the Christmas Holidays to provide assistance and advice during the first installation we completed.

I would not hesitate to recommend INVC to you to help you address your noise issues.

Please let me know if you have any other questions you think I may be able to help with.


Stewart McLellan, C.E.T. Cardinal Environmental Consulting Services Ltd

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