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Scrap Fan Noise Reduction – occupational and environmental in one

Scrap extract fan noise reduction

Attenuators do not take kindly to the passage of scrap – which is a problem when installing noisy extract chopper (or cutter) fans. Our cutting-edge aerodynamic fan modifications, however, are even robust enough to be able to cope with the extreme case of the passage of scrap metal. In this example, both occupational and environmental noise problems were simultaneously solved at source.

Three sets of chopper fans are used to pull-off scrap aluminium cans from the production lines to shred them for recycling. These generated high levels of tonal noise (drone or whine), causing both occupational and environmental noise problems.

Instead of fitting conventional fan attenuators, acoustic enclosures and noise lagging at a potential cost of £30k or more, our Quiet Fan technology was fitted to the fans in a matter of hours to give an overall noise reduction of 22dB(A) at an installed cost of c £1000/line – a capital cost saving of 90% and with no effect on fan performance or efficiency.

scrap can fan noise attenuation analysis

Unlike silencers, the modifications are unaffected by the passage of scrap cans and will last the lifetime of the fans without maintenance – and at less than 1% of the previous noise level…

The same technique is widely applicable to all forms of chopper or cutter fans, not to mention for silence dust extract, cyclone and filter fans that process any form of waste material.