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Stacks of Low Cost Noise Control – emergency stack noise reduction

cement works fan and stack noise attenuation

Unfortunately, the plant update to improve the efficiency of the exhaust fans in a large cement works created a serious noise problem that generated complaints from miles around. A novel, low cost attenuation system was designed and fitted over a weekend to avoid the eye-watering down-time cost required to implement conventional solutions.

Conventional stack silencing would have resulted in an unacceptable delay in solving the problem plus massive capital and very prolonged shut-down costs. Our alternative solution was based on designing a set of bespoke stack silencer elements tuned to suit the noise signature. These were pre-fabricated off-site and then inserted into the stack through a small access door over a weekend. The result was a 19dB noise reduction over the critical frequency range with no effect on the fan and stack efficiency – and at a small fraction of the cost of conventional silencing.