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Die-Header / Tablet Machine Noise Reduction

Die header and tablet machine noise reduction

The noise from die header machines and tableting machines (tablet presses) used to manufacture hard sweets, tablets and other products in the food and pharmaceutical industries is often 95 – 101dB(A). The conventional approach is to fit them with high-cost acoustic enclosures that cause serious access problems and also makes cleaning difficult. Even where enclosures are fitted, noise levels are often still very high. There is a more effective and lower-cost alternative approach.

Accurate diagnosis often makes it possible to reduce the noise at source. In this case, our solution was based on a very precise analysis of the source of the noise energy. This allowed us to more than halve the noise by developing a re-designed cam that not only extended the life of the cam significantly but also reduced operating costs. Coupled with hygienic close shields, this reduced noise levels by 10dB or more at a fraction of the cost of conventional enclosure.