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Pharmaceutical – Food and Drink – Confectionery – new low noise materials

high hygiene and GMP noise control

Coupling new acoustic materials and systems with engineering source control technology is re-defining what constitutes noise control best practice in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries. Whilst conventional acoustic materials (foam, fibreglass, rockwool) pose an unacceptable hygiene problem, we have invested heavily in the development of new techniques specifically for hygienic applications in clean industries that can be implemented quickly and painlessly – often as an extension to a maintenance schedule. The new generation of noise reducing materials includes…

  • laminated stainless steel from SoundDampedSteel. This highly damped replacement (or retro-fit upgrade) for existing guides, chutes, guards, hoppers etc is hygienic, rugged, low cost and yet can reduce radiated noise by 10dB – 20dB in conjunction with engineering techniques that cut noise at source
  • sound absorbent systems developed by Ecophon that are suitable for use in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), high care areas and clean rooms. These can withstand aggressive cleaning regimes, including pressure washing. The recording above illustrates up to 8dB noise reduction via tuned hygienic acoustic absorbent
  • all aluminium sound absorbent micro-mesh that is very efficient at absorbing sound with no hygiene implications

These noise control materials and techniques are ideal for the pharmaceutical, electronic and food and confectionery industries where hygiene is a key requirement.