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Supermarket Food Tray Wash Line Noise Control

Tray wash noise control

Two newly installed automated tray wash lines had failed to meet the Christian Salvesen Buy Quiet noise specification as they generated 91dB(A), 8 times the hearing damage risk of the 82dB(A) target. This was despite the efforts of the supplier who then proposed fitting a very costly set of additional noise reduction modifications, including an acoustic enclosure.

Asked to evaluate the options, our noise control audit predicted both the cost and the precise noise levels (82dB(A)) that could be achieved using best practice engineering source control techniques. These included:-

  • air knife fan geometry and noise path control modifications
  • gas burner - bespoke silencer
  • water pump modifications
  • box impact control
  • bale arm pneumatic bespoke silencing
  • stacker impact control modifications

Following the implementation of our recommendations by the manufacturer at a tiny fraction of the cost of the previously proposed control measures, the tray wash noise was reduced from the typical 85 – 91dB(A) levels down to or below the 82dB(A) target. Moreover, in addition to the noise reduction, the modifications also improved the drying performance of the units.

The manufacturer has adopted the more effective, lower cost and more practical INVC technology as standard practice, improving their product performance and profit margins...