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Biofuel Power Station Fan – USA: silencer deleted, improved efficiency, less noise

Schiller biofuel power station fan noise attenuation.jpg

The efficiency of a 3m, 1.5MW wood burning boiler fan installed at Schiller power station in New Hampshire (one of the largest renewable energy projects in the U.S.) was dramatically improved by replacing a power station wood burner fan noise reduction at source traditional silencer with our aerodynamic noise control technology.

Schiller ID fan remote control of noise.jpg

The fan feeds a stack that included a large conventional silencer to prevent noise complaints from local residents. As the silencer had a drastic impact on fan efficiency, it was removed and our aerodynamic source control technology retro-fitted within a 12-hour downtime window. This not only eliminated the low-frequency tonal noise problem at a minute fraction of the cost of the silencer it had usurped, but as it also reduced the fan power consumption, it soon paid for itself.

This international project was managed remotely from our UK offices. By analysing and interpreting data acquired locally to our specifications, we were able to dispense with site visits and reduce the entire process from initial contact to problem solved to a matter of weeks.