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Hydraulic Power Pack - Novel Acoustic Enclosure Design

Power pack damped  acoustic enclosure

The manufacturer of hydraulic power packs for offshore use had to meet a very tight customer Buy Quiet noise purchasing specification. The unit had to include an acoustic enclosure within a very tight space for environmental reasons. In order to meet the requirements, we designed a combination of engineering control measures to reduce the power pack noise at source combined with an acoustic enclosure that included features to provide the required attenuation within significantly less space than a conventional soundproof box.

Hydraulic power pack noise sources and noise reduction features

The hydraulic power pack noise sources are listed below in rank order:-

  1. hydraulic pump and associated vibration
  2. oil cooler fan
  3. pump motor, including fan

The noise from each source was reduced at source as far as practical to ensure that the dimensions of the acoustic enclosure were within the space constraints without compromising cooling. The following were the design features:-

  • hydraulic power pack pump noise: control at source using high-efficiency damping
  • oil cooler fan noise: geometric features coupled with compact, bespoke silencing to provide high attenuation without compromising cooling
  • acoustic enclosure panels: included high-performance damping and tuned acoustic absorbent.

The detailed design was developed in conjunction with SoundDampedSteel who supplied both the highly damped laminated steel used and the enclosure itself to our specifications.

This project was carried out entirely remotely (no site visit) by email and smartphone using streamed pictures from site.

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