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Our fan technology is saving megawatts per day

environmental noise control

As far as we know, the INVC is the only carbon negative noise consultancy in the world. We have achieved this by means of 2 major innovations...

Fan efficiency

Across the world, organisations using our aerodynamic fan noise control technology are currently saving megawatts of power as a result of the efficiency gains they have realised, compared with both conventional noise reduction technologies and in some cases, compared with unmodified fans. Our current record is a 22% improvement in the efficiency of cooling fans as part of a noise control project.

Remote noise control - hold the site visits...

We have developed technology that allows us to complete an increasing proportion of our noise control projects anywhere on the planet without a site visit. This not only reduces our carbon footprint (flights and other transport costs etc), but it is also faster and lower cost.

Our remote control of noise services uses email and remote working (e.g. Whatsapp) to carry out diagnoses and the development of best practice noise control solutions. We also use innovative technologies to avoid traditional resource-heavy noise control measures such as barriers and acoustic enclosures in favour of elegant engineering that helps clients to reduce their carbon footprints.