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Diesel engine generator set noise

diesel generator set noise attenuation

Sound file: typical diesel generator set tonal noise

Diesel generator set noise often causes environmental noise problems in ways that are not necessarily obvious. The classic headline noise figures provided by suppliers of gen sets are usually expressed in terms of "XdB(A) at Y metres". This data can hide a multitude of hidden sins...

Take 2 generator sets with the same overall noise levels. One causes no noise problems. The other generates complaints over a wide area. The difference? The problem set is radiating low-frequency tonal noise from either the engine exhaust or the cooling fans that has little or no influence on the overall dB(A) as the "A" weighting attenuates low frequencies.

A simple diagnostic process using a smartphone is all that is required to avoid problems by diagnosing and ranking the gen set noise sources. The results can then be used to determine the optimum low-cost noise control techniques using the latest innovative technology, technology that can even improve cooling efficiency... Find out how best to reduce diesel engine noise >