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Dust extract collector and cyclone separator noise attenuation

dust collector cyclone fan noise control

Conventional cyclone separator and dust extract collector noise attenuation measures are not only high-cost, but are often not very effective due to poor (or no) accurate diagnosis. This wastes resources and delays noise complaint resolution. Moreover, dust clogs conventional silencers, requiring regular maintenance or replacement.

There are simple, effective and low-cost control techniques to resolve cyclone separator and dust collector noise issues quickly and efficiently. The best option(s) can be selected by answering the following questions:-

  1. Are there tones e.g. a hum? Is it fans and/or resonances?
  2. Is the noise problem overall dB(A)? Is it air or material impact noise?
  3. Intermittent noise? Reverse jet filters?

If you are not sure of the answers to any of these questions, you can simply email us smartphone video clips and photos and we will get back to you with the options.

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