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E-analysis: noise diagnosis and control by email

71Hz 75Hz environmental noise tone identification

Environment Agencies (EAs), environmental health (EHOs), noise consultants and organisations in many countries regularly use our free online noise diagnosis and control best practice service to eliminate time-consuming hassles. All you need to access unique expertise and technology that reduces time and resources spent on projects by an order of magnitude is a smartphone on-site.

E-analysis: this approach not only cuts typical noise project investigation and resolution time from months or years down to a few weeks - or even a matter of days (our current record is 2 days from initial contact to noise control implemented and problem solved), it also reduces noise control costs by 50% - 80%.

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You can take a "virtual noise expert" to site anywhere via Whatsapp "telepresence" to provide instant feedback and analysis.

E.g. for a suspected chiller noise problem: "Record now at the site boundary, then move close to the plant and record again. Ok, there are 2 series of tones. Check the fan speed and take a close-up. Ok, the low-frequency tone is fan blade pass and the higher frequency tones are from the compressor. The former would be an £800 fix that would improve efficiency and the latter around £1k."

Regulators and consultants routinely send smartphone data from site visits for a free expert opinion. We can usually provide source identification and costed noise control options based on current best practice within 1 or 2 days.

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