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1 Day Fan Noise Control Workshop

noise control training - fans

This pragmatic workshop provides the definitive guide to what constitutes “best practice” in assessing and controlling fan noise (from take-aways to steel works) and practical advice on effective measurement, analysis and the specification of noise limits. It includes:-

  • Diagnosis - SLM recording - analysis: BS4142 problems; how to assess fan noise; £100 converts any old SLM into a sound recording meter; fan noise analysis, from ears to PCs...
  • Fan noise control options: simple, low-cost retrofit noise control techniques for many common fan noise problems; materials; installation details; silencers; setting noise specifications; BAT / BPM. Includes the latest aerodynamic source control technology (silencing without silencers).
  • Remote control of fan noise - speeding up complaint resolution: getting fan noise control options and costs free by email; noise level, smartphone recording, photos; fan noise control projects can improve system efficiency, making it profitable for the culprit...
“The best lecturer I have ever had with relevant case studies.” Jon Tofts: PPC officer Env. Agency
“Really good to actually hear sounds on a noise course - I liked the diagnostic approach; excellent style of presenting, case studies excellent - 100% excellent for presentation” - various, SEPA

Location: public courses take place at our head office in Slough or can be delivered in-house e.g. at a host local authority, inviting EHOs from the surrounding area. This provides high-quality training at a fraction of the cost.

Course outline: 1 day workshop designed for EHOs, Environmental Agency staff and regulators involved in occupational, environmental (and planning) noise where fans are a common issue.

Learning objectives and outcomes:  provide delegates with the knowledge to analyse and assess fan noise and detailed guidance on the mitigation options, including the latest technology.

Accreditation: an INVC attendance certificate is issued
Qualification: 2 CPD Points
Relevant regulations etc: BS 4142-2014; the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005; planning requirements, Buy Quiet purchasing policies

  • Measurement parameters: what are the best measurement parameters for assessing fan noise? dB(A, (C), (lin), Leq, Lns - frequency analysis: 1/1, 1/3 octave, narrow band - setting noise specifications
  • Sound propagation: the behaviour of sound and acoustic materials - decay with distance - sound transmission in ducts - standing waves - acoustic absorbents and insulation
  • Fan sound power: use manufacturers’ sound power data to calculate noise levels - prediction of fan noise levels - typical fan signatures
  • Fan noise control: onstallation details - source control - damping - vibration isolation - silencers (reactive, absorptive) - simple “Blue Peter” solutions for many common problems on small fans - BAT
  • Diagnosis - Recording - Analysis: calibrated noise recording - time and frequency analysis
  • Remote Control of Noise: putting together the information required for free noise control option evaluation by email

Delegates can email current or past problem case studies in advance for a free analysis and evaluation and for discussion.

Ideally to have some experience of environmental or occupation noise issues that involve fans. Other than that, none...