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4 new things you should know about noise risk reduction best practice in industry


Posted on: March 6, 2019

We are living in interesting times in the field of hearing damage risk reduction due to new mobile technologies coupled with a host of new (and forthcoming) ways to reduce risk dramatically. Here are 4 new things that you should know about…

Hearing test - free app: launched by the WHO for World Hearing Day (03/03/19) for both Android and Apple, the hearWHO App allows anyone to check and monitor their hearing over time.

Running the app is an interesting experience…

More information here>


UK Hearing Conservation Association (UKHCA) launched: this is an umbrella organisation intended to pull together all aspects of best practice to reduce hearing damage risk. As you might expect, the INVC is a founder member providing industrial noise expertise and best practice advice to the group. The new fledgling website has just gone live – keep an eye open for developments as the project comes to life…

oae testing

New OAE hearing screening test coming soon: audiometry cannot detect early hearing damage. Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) can. The new low-cost OAE test system is due to be available very soon from suppliers as a fast, objective, low-cost office-based annual test to determine how well your risk management programme is performing. We think this will quickly become standard best practice.

Contact us find out more, to keep up to date with progress or if you would be interested in a trial when it is available.

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The HSE has had enough! Guidance and practice update: you wouldn’t believe just how tired the regulators are of companies wasting time and resources on check-box processes and poor quality placebo noise reports. Instead of unnecessary, largely low quality (2/3rds of assessments are inadequate) repeat surveys that tell you what you already know, they want to see actions such as noise control audits that result in the implementation of innovative low-cost (often self-financing) noise control measures to reduce risk. Contact us to find out if you could remove the requirement for PPE in noisy areas or if you’d like to attend the next HSE/INVC noise control workshop.

Noise Master Class Workshop – 1 day

This workshop covers all these new techniques, the latest best practice and more.

More information or book your place to find out how to implement a risk management revolution that can reduce hearing damage risk by c 90% and can also dramatically reduce costs.