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Radical update to noise risk management best practice launched at BOHS OH2017

hearing protection PPE works poorly

Posted on: May 21, 2017

How to update the current (failing) noise risk management process to make it much more effective – and self-financing...

Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims of £400,000,000 per annum show that thousands of people are suffering hearing damage, most of which could be avoided by changing the way risk management is is carried out.

A simple, innovative approach that dramatically improves the effectiveness of noise risk management was described at the BOHS OH2017 conference in Harrowgate by our technical director, Peter Wilson. The key elements are:-

  • current risk management processes are demonstrably not working
  • applying simple best practice re PPE and noise control would reduce risks by c 90%.

Make this happen by:-

  • making this best practice instantly available to anyone on the shop floor (no noise expertise required) so that it gets used
  • use a real-world performance algorithm to evaluate and improve actual PPE performance
  • track performance and provide feedback
  • taking advantage of the fact that this approach is self-financing – it saves money and time compared with current practice

Click the link below to acquire a copy of the presentation.

Please send me a copy of the OH2017 presentation

You can learn more about the new best practice approach and how to apply it within your own organisation on the one day Noise Risk Management Master Class workshop (Jume 15th, Slough). This also functions as an update to noise competency training and includes the revised HSE draft guidance and the radical new otoacoustic emission hearing damage screening test technology that allows you to track annual changes in the hearing damage of personnel.