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Noise + HAVS Courses

Noise and HAVS - from workshops to full competency

The INVC is the major provider of noise and vibration (HAVS) competency training in the UK and Ireland and is the IOSH approved training organisation for both topics. We developed and run the public courses for these (and other) organisations plus a wide range of customised in-house versions for major companies worldwide.

We have also designed a range of specialised environmental noise masterclass training workshops at the request of the Environment Agencies and Local Authorities (EHOs). We also run joint noise control workshops in collaboration with the HSE and HSL.

Online noise and vibration training

global noise and vibration service

Most of our training workshops are available as online versions, making best practice in noise and vibration knowledge available to anyone, anywhere.

All noise and vibration training is provided by experienced engineers with a wealth of practical knowledge, not by academics. This ensures delegates gain as much useful expertise as possible to take away and put to use with our technical support provided as necessary.

Many thanks for your excellent, well grounded and humorous talk yesterday – much appreciated by everybody there… Some of your real world illustrations and solutions were certainly thought provoking… the best noise presentation I’ve ever been to…” BOHS – Andy Phillips: HSE

IOSH Approved Noise + HAVS Courses

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4.5 Day IOSH Noise at Work Risk Assessment & Management Course


Designed for Health and Safely professionals who need a certificate of competency in understanding and implementing effective noise measurement, management and control best practice in accordance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

"...superb… the best course I’ve ever been on.”

Get up-to-date with the lastest in best practice that can help most organisations to reduce hearing damage risk by >80% at virtually no cost.

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2 Day IOSH Hand-Arm Vibration Risk Assessment & Management Course


Designed for Health and Safely professionals and others responsible for developing and managing effective hand-arm vibration risk control programmes re the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. It includes (surprising) optimised approaches based on the latest HSE guidance that can improve risk management whilst dramatically reducing costs.

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1 Day IOSH Noise Measurement & Management Best Practice Workshop


This workshop summarises what is expected of employers implementing "best practice" in noise measurement and risk management under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. It is also popular as an update or refresher for previous delegates on the 4.5 Day IOSH Noise at Work Risk Assessment and Management Course to cover the latest developments.

Noise + HAVS Master Classes

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1 Day Fan Noise Control Master Class


Most fan noise control projects rely on high cost, inefficient, antediluvian techniques that haven't changed in a century. Conventional silencing usually reduces system efficiency. In contrast, recent innovations can reduce capital costs by 50% - 80% and can increase efficiency to make projects self-financing or profitable through improved system performance.

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1 Day Noise Control Master Class

Occupational noise control

Intended for H & S professionals and engineers, this joint INVC/HSE based workshop provides procedures to select the best solution to any noise problem and details of low-cost, easily fitted control techniques. The course content will change the way that you and your company approach noise control to reduce both costs and risks by 50% – 90%.

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1 Day Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) Master Class


New HSE guidance should have triggered extensive changes in the way companies manage HAV risks. This workshop provides a detailed review of both the practical implications and of the limitations of "new" vibration monitoring systems and brings you up to date with the changes in risk reduction best practice that should be implemented to comply.

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1 Day Noise Risk Management Master Class

hearing protection PPE works poorly

The evidence is incontrovertible. Current risk assessment and management practice has failed. This is how we fix it…

  • New HSE guidance on risk management
  • New early warning hearing test technology (OAE)
  • New approach to risk management to reduce risk by c 90% at little or no cost…

Specialist Courses & Tool Box Talks

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1 - 2 Day Construction Site Noise and Vibration Management Workshop

A pragmatic guide to managing noise and vibration from construction, demolition and infrastructure sites and for Section 61 applications. A customisable 1 - 2 day workshop for site managers and safety/environmental staff that provides the information to implement plans for Best Practicable Means (BPM) management requirements to minimise complaints.

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3 Day Entertainment & Music Venue Noise Risk Assessment & Management


The Control of Noise At Work Regulations 2005 have applied to the music and entertainment sector since April 2008. Meeting the requirements is a challenge that requires a seismic shift in attitude and practice across the industry. This course provides delegates with the knowledge and skills to comply with the noise risk management requirements.

EA and EHO Environmental Noise Workshops

A suite of effective, high-quality noise training workshops for Environment Agencies and EHOs designed to be run in-house for a host at minimal cost. The popular option for Local Authorities is to invite paying delegates from others to the workshops to encourage communication and to offset training costs. This has even allowed hosts to generate a profit from staff training...

The Delegate View: “one of the most relevant and informative courses in a long time..” .. “I’d hate to come up against you in court! .. the best value seminar we’ve ever been on” – “standard of presentation was excellent .. humorous and entertaining .. highly recommended”
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1 Day Fan Noise Control Workshop

various fans

From large industrial units to fast food restaurant kitchen extracts, fans of all kinds are the single most common environmental noise source. This workshop provides detailed guidance on new “best practices” for efficient assessment (e.g. setting specifications where there is tonal content) and the low cost control of noise from all types of fan.

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Best Practicable Means BPM/BAT Noise Control Workshop

environmental noise control

Best Practicable Means or Best Available Technology for noise control means different things to different people. Currently, the lack of knowledge and expertise used to define the noise control options is depressing. This workshop provides practical guidelines for non-specialists to assess what constitutes BPM and cuts the resources required by more than 80%.

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