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Bottle vibratory feeder noise damping

The noise from dozens of vibratory feed hoppers and separators in a pharmaceutical plant generating 95 – 99dB(A) was reduced by 22dB via retro-fit modifications to the geometry and the introduction of sophisticated damping. As an additional benefit, the modifications substantially improved product feed and eliminated persistent fatigue cracking. The cost was not only a tiny fraction of the c £100000 required to fit conventional acoustic enclosures, but there was no effect on access/cleaning (unlike acoustic enclosures) and productivity was significantly improved.

A similar approach has also been successfully applied to control the noise from vibratory bottle feeders to give an 8dB(A) reduction at a cost of c£500 and with substantially improved performance and productivity.

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We have also generated a comprehensive technical note on all aspects of vibrating feeder, hopper, conveyor and screen noise...

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