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Vibratory Separator Noise Control

Vibratory sieve noise reduction

Vibratory separator, screen or sieve noise is traditionally difficult to reduce as it is often predominantly low-frequency - but there are elegant, low-cost engineering solutions available. Vibration is fed into the product via the separator drive and structural components that radiate noise. The trick is to ensure that as much of the "working" vibration as possible is fed into the product and that extraneous higher frequency vibration is minimised.

We developed engineering source control techniques for the manufacturer of a range of vibratory separators, screens and sieves that could be built-in to their products without affecting access, maintenance or normal operation. These reduced the vibrating screen noise by 5dB - 12dB(A) at source at very low cost and without compromising hygiene or machine performance.

Vibratory sieve high damping component

In this example, the noise control features included adding a high level of constrained layer damping to the sieve body itself and developing a spun laminated steel bowl to reduce impact noise.

This approach can also be used to develop low-cost engineering retro-fit modifications for vibrating sieve or separator noise reduction. Contact us if you'd like to discuss the options.