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Vibrating screen / sieve noise reduction - by 50dB

Vibrating screen noise reduction

Innovative engineering vibrating screen noise control measures cut the problem low-frequencies by 50dB. The 11.8Hz fundamental tone from this vibratory sieve caused complaints at some distance. Conventional control methods (enclosures etc) are not cost-effective options at these frequencies. Whilst this tonal frequency is inaudible, the effects that cause complaints are usually rattles and reflections in objects, for example...

Vibratory screen noise effect videos: 1:plate rattle reflection 3:"Jurassic Park" water ripples

The engineering noise reduction modifications reduced the low-frequency hum by a remarkable (and probably record-breaking) 99.999% (50dB) and were low cost with no effect on normal operation or throughput.

This engineering vibrating screen noise control technology is applicable to a wide range of applications.

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