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Noise Control Case Studies

An elegant engineering solution to your noise or vibration problem may already be available. Search the largest database of noise control at source case studies in the world for best practice alternatives to conventional, high-cost palliatives such as acoustic enclosures, silencers, barriers etc.

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Mill Bearing Failures

Bearing failures on a food processing mill continually recurred despite careful overhauls. Vibration signature comparisons with a second mill indicated a loose rear bearing. This diagnosis was confirmed in strip-down – the rear bearing was found to be turning in its housing.

  • vibration control
  • vibration analysis

Gearbox Faults

The motor/gearbox on a large fermentation vessel suffered varying motor current and intermittent noise. Downtime would be costly due to the production schedule. Single point vibration analysis indicated excessive input shaft float – very unlikely (due to the construction) but confirmed later on partial strip-down (25 thou v 6 thou specification). Pinpoint accuracy.

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Impact Noise Control – chutes, bins, conveyors, hoppers…

We have developed a suite of innovative and elegant engineering impact noise control techniques that typically provide 10-20dB reductions. These are both much more effective than conventional technology and very much lower cost and rugged. We custom design the modifications either for new designs or for retro-fit to existing installations. We also have high hygiene versions for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Applications: chutes, hoppers, conveyors, bins, recycling plant, scrap yards, train/truck loading/unloading, quarries …
  • Benefits: large attenuations, rugged (often harder wearing than the untreated surface); very low cost; hygienic

Additional Noise Control Examples

We have a host of other engineering noise control applications across a wide range of industries – contact us to discuss particular plant or machinery in detail.

Coal chute impact noise control

coal chute noise damping

High levels of impact noise were generated by coal falling into a delivery chute on an industrial site. Expensive noise barriers had been considered, but these would have made access difficult and would have reduced the noise by only around 5dB. Our alternative solution was to design highly damped chute modifications to reduce the noise at source.

These low-cost modifications were retro-fitted with very little downtime and not only reduced the impact noise by 20dB(A), but they also substantially reduced the dust generated (solving another problem in the area) and cut chute wear to reduce the maintenance requirements.

This engineering approach is very effective on all kinds of chutes and hoppers where there is impact noise from a wide variety of objects that include rocks and stones, scrap metal and even high hygiene products such as sweets, tablets and vegetables.

Showing 91 to 94 out of 94